Story flowchart Edit

The story begins when Joshua is at the elevator he found the help wanted poster to the waiter's dinner for the celebration he arrives at the tutorial center where he meets the host she introduces the instructional rooms so they begins the tutorial.

Room #1: The Hole - The hole that you can head across along when Geo went and you earned the stamp.

Room #2: The Chair - To go across the wall you must shout to attract Geo to head across the wall and you earned the stamp.

Room #3: The Heating Pad - When the auctioneer said "Now..." The bucket suddenly splashed Joshua they discovered that the old lady spilled she apoligizes for reasons now for Joshua need the heating pad after curing he went to the pipe spot and got splashed again by those pipes ther is the meter for the left down corner of the screen is the water meter when it goes orange green pink blue you'll go slow when it goes to purple you'll collapsed if you reached to the heater for the checkpoint warm the temperature of your entire health if you want to save the game so after the heating checkpoint you earned the stamp.

Room #4: The Flood Passing - There is the 3 heavy flood to head across and there is some 3 heaters 1 is to head across the flood 2 is the pipes to grab 3 is to grab the ropes to head across after the flood Joshua takes the warm and earned the stamp.

Room #5: The Climb - Joshua must jump over the gap and climb over the three walls even the ladder follow Geo and you found him down the walls climbed down and then you earned the last stamp.

The Scorement - Joshua meets everyone and he earned the score to some kind now to start the adventures

You can maybe earned the compass from the tutorial once you accomplished the missions.

Object flowchart Edit

  • Talk to the test subjects
  • Talk to the old lady

Compasses Edit

  • Tutorial compass