Isaac Schiller (known as Akira Tsuge in the Japanese version) is a 36-year-old taxi driver who overhears about the Geo City Inaugural Ceremony Banquet from some customers inside a convenience store. He later meets Sophia Briggs in Downtown Geo when she asks for a ride in his car. He and Sophia must escape the city and uncover the mystery behind NorCal Pharmaceutical's ambitions...

Abilities Edit

Issac abilities is driving,He has his own Taxi as a taxi drive but it also have it health meter,If you damage it card too much it will broken and will kill Ivan cause it will explode,Player can also enter the menu while it Taxi,Just press [Select] button and the taxi option will appear with option such as warm up the player but player could not save his'her progress in the taxi,Player also can navigate through Del Ray using the taxi but just only during Issac need to search for Jaden Brandford.