Story flowchart Edit

Therefore if Keith picked the second choice he decided to escape the place and then he arrives at the amusement park he is exploring the place and til he have met the survivor stuck in the cup ride he saved her and they ran before the ride collapsed they get to know each other and for now Kelly needs to find her brother Jason Austin they went to the suburbia and finds Kelly's house it's been buried by the debris and they decided to wait. Meanwhile it's sunset and Jason did not show up they went to the hospital camp meeting the officers they have the conversation and they discovers the helicopter the rescue client tells everyone to hop in but Kelly needs to find her brother if Keith instead to leave Kelly behind she dies in the apocalypse if Keith sides with Kelly the afterwords the officer John he harasses the rescue client that he misses his family the officer shoots John and til he dies too the entire neighborhood is collapsing and the helicopter escapes without the team Keith and Kelly escapes the neighborhood and went to the city

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Compasses Edit

  • Submarine compass
  • Seal compass
  • Sailship compass
  • Swan compass
  • Horse compass
  • Apple compass
  • Dancer compass