Story flowchart Edit

The choice if Keith s with Kelly of Karen with her dog they're walking down the road and suddenly Kelly or Karen discovers the candlelight in the top floor of the building the team decided to go check who is there they've made it to the top floor and they have met William who's busy alone he tells Keith to go borrow the file while his partner stays with William in the building meanwhile for Keith he went to another building and made it into the top floor but then he just discovers the speak recorder and plays it it appears that Karen's uncle is been working with his friend Albert they're planning to apocalate the capital island for the june 21 and then Keith went into the office and found the worker's file but then Albert came from the elevator Keith hides and hear about Albert's plan Keith needs to escape the office if he got caught by Albert he'll prison him if he did not get caught the soldier halts Keith to not move for now they tied Keith with the handcuffed rope they abandoned him when they have the helicopter Keith reaches the spikey pipe and cuts the rope he escapes the building and then he discovers William's office has been caught on fire because of the candlelights he checks the group and the partner is alive and William is injured when his leg fractured they sneak into the exit and they reached now they have to head into the park.

Objective flowchart Edit

  • View the candlelight

Compasses Edit

  • Daruma compass
  • Cartoon compass
  • Skull compass

Bosses Edit

  • Albert Round 1