Karen's dog

Story flowchart Edit

They're at the road and they are trying to find the way to meet Karen's dog soon afterwords the bridge has collapsed to the river they have decided to make the boat to go across the river and after bulding they finally succeeded the boat and Karen decided to hop in the boat and Keith moved it into the river and they row into the river and they made it across they rest with the campfire and they went across some debrises and they have made it to Karen's suburbia she told Keith that she needs to change her clothes and she discovers that her house is caved in for now and then she met Keith and she didn't change her clothes she didn't found her dog then she hopes that her dog has been taken by the rescuers when suddenly Gen arrives barking Karen is so glad thet her dog is still alive after the reunion they're escaping the town until Gen ran into the train tunnel they decided to go find him meanwhile they're trapped into the subway station by the pile of debris they have found Gen in the train cargo Karen puts Gen in her backpack and they begins adventuring they didn't find the exit and til there's the crack in the wall it appears to be the door to the secret pipe sewers they were exploring the place they found the hole above to the exit then the gasoline truck just fell and cause the fire they climbed the way up and reached to the exit they are so glad they got the dog now they should explore the town to find the helicopter.

Objective flowchart Edit

  • examine the ladder
  • Hear what Karen's checking

Compasses Edit

  • Surfer compass
  • Eyeball compass
  • Slinky compass
  • Flower compass
  • Fluttershy compass
  • City compass
  • Tire compass